North America

Paterson & Cooke opened the Denver office in USA in 2007 and soon followed with the opening of the Sudbury office in Canada in 2010

Our North American offices provide the full range of engineering services from conceptual to detailed engineering of tailings systems, mine backfill systems, and long-distance pipelines, as well as dry stack filtered tailings systems. Our experienced staff have executed numerous detailed engineering designs and have extensive operational and commissioning expertise.

Comprehensive laboratory services in Denver support our extensive process engineering experience and filtration and thickening expertise. The full suite of backfill characterisation tests conducted by the laboratory in Sudbury underpins the design of the backfill systems we implement.


Matt Bachman, Managing Director


Brent Robitaille, Managing Director

Leadership Team

Rob Brown, Director
Rob Cooke, Director
Maureen McGuinness, Director
Alistair Baty, Director
Stewart Bodtker, Director
Todd Wisdom, Director
Josh Stowe, Pipelines Manager
Rachel Jansen, Tailings Manager
Kathy Adams, Mineral Processing Manager
Justin Jacobs, Engineering Analysis Manager
Brent Cothill, Drawing Office Manager
Tamara Kraft, Laboratory Manager, Sudbury
Mitchell May, Laboratory Manager, Denver