Meet Our Global Team

Rob Brown

Director & Principal Engineer

BSc Mining Engineering, 1994, Laurentian University

Rob joined our team in 2010 and set up our Canadian company in Sudbury, Ontario, where he is now based.

He is a director of Paterson & Cooke North America and leads our Global Backfill Group. Rob is also the managing director of Paterson & Cooke’s new backfill contracting company, BACKFILL INC.

Rob has worked on backfill applications since 1997 and specialises in paste backfill and contracted remediation backfilling. He has extensive international experience with plant and reticulation design, construction, commissioning, and underground backfill placement.

Rob is a Professional Mining Engineer. He lectures in Paterson & Cooke’s annual courses and frequently participates in backfill system audits and peer reviews as a subject matter expert. He has authored many technical papers and manuals covering the design, construction, and safe operation of paste backfill systems.

Expertise: Mine Backfill

Notable Papers

R Brown, N Smith, P Carmichael (2019) “One year of paste operations at Jabal Sayid, Saudi Arabia”. 2019 Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, ISBN 978-0-9876389-2-2.

M McGuinness, R Brown, C Barich (2017) “Extending Paste Pumping Envelopes at Minera San Rafael’s Escobal Mine Using Admixtures and Pressure Spike Dampening”. Minefill 2017: Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill.

C Lee, R Brown (2017) “Portable, Modular and Custom Built Backfill Plants – Choosing the Right Plant”. Proc. from Minefill 2017 12th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill.

R Brown, I Ahmed (2011) “Backfilling on a Budget; low capital paste backfill injection for small mines or brownfield site remediation”. Proc. from Minefill 2011, Cape Town South Africa.

AJS Spearing, R Brown, M Treinen, M Theisinger (2010) “The use of waste materials in underground coal mines”. 2010 Transactions of the Society of Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration. Vol 328, p409-419, 2010.

I Ahmed, R Brown, R Francoeur, J Anderson (2010) “Paste Benefits and Applications from the Mining Industry to Land Reclamation”. International Solidification/Stabilization Technology Forum.