Meet Our Global Team

Robert Cooke


PhD Engineering, 1991 MSc Engineering, 1986 BSc Engineering (Civil), 1984 University of Cape Town

Robert co-founded Paterson & Cooke with Angus Paterson in 1991 and is a director of our Denver, Colorado practice.

Robert has extensive international experience with mine tailings and backfill, long-distance slurry pipelines, hydraulic hoisting, and marine mining applications. He serves on investment assurance and technical review panels for several Tier 1 mining companies and provides expert technology development guidance for clients.

Robert has written numerous technical papers and lectures at several courses presented by Paterson & Cooke and other institutions.

Expertise: Slurry Pipeline Systems, Tailings & Mine Waste

Notable Papers

Cooke, R., T.LG. Gerritsen, Y. Mladinic, I. Oyarzun, and T. Tran “The Tailings Management Partnership Agreement, a unique industry collaboration to achieve safer tailings facilities”, Paste 2023, Banff, Canada.

Kujawa, C., J. Winterton, R. Jansen, R. Cooke (2019) “Innovative Process Engineering to Create Better Tailings Facilities”, Tailings 2019, Santiago, Chile.

Cooke, R. and J. Stowe (2019) “New Approaches and Technology for Tailings Pipeline Design and Operation”, SME, Denver, USA.

Stowe, J. R. Cooke, I. Farrell, R. Martinson (2018) “Design Considerations for Distributed Tailings Deposition Systems”, Tailings and Mine Waste, Keystone, CO, USA.

Cooke, R. and J. Stowe (2018) “Developments in Tailings Pipeline Transportation”, Tailings 2018, Santiago, Chile.