Meet Our Global Team

Leslie Correia

Senior Engineer

MSc Engineering (Chem) cum laude, 2007; Bachelor of Engineering (Chem), 2005 University of Stellenbosch

Leslie joined our team in 2008 and is a senior project manager at Paterson & Cooke Canada, based in Sudbury.

His key areas of expertise include the hydraulic, process, and mechanical design of mine backfill plants, slurry pipeline systems, and underground reticulation systems. He is a member of Paterson & Cooke’s Global Backfill Group, having worked extensively on a wide range of backfill projects in Africa and the Americas.

Leslie is dedicated to the management of large projects and the detailed design of our global backfill systems.

Expertise: Mine Backfill, Tailings & Mine Waste

Notable Papers

Correia L.D.C. et al. (2021) “Case study: Paste plant retrofit”, Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill, ISBN: 978-1-032-07203-6, Katowice, Poland.

Correia L.D.C. et al. (2023) “Fruta del Norte Paste Plant – Case Study”, 25th International Conference on Paste, Thickened and Filtered Tailings, 29 April – 3 May 2023, Alberta, Canada