Meet Our Global Team

Josh Stowe

Pipelines Manager

MSc Engineering (Mech), 2008; BSc Engineering (Mech), 2006 University of Denver

Josh joined our team in 2008 and is the pipelines manager for Paterson & Cooke North America, based in our Denver, Colorado office.

Josh has led and assisted with studies and detailed designs for both conventional and thickened slurry transportation systems. He has also participated in many pumping system audits and optimisation studies.

In addition, Josh's specialisations include rheological testing and analysis, probabilistic methods and simulations, and project management and execution.

Expertise: Slurry Pipeline Systems

Notable Papers

Stowe, J., Farrell, I., Wingeard, E. (2021) “Tailings Transport System Design Using Probabilistic Methods”, Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, 38(3), 1289-1296.

Stowe, J., Farrell, I.,  Wingeard,  E. (2020) “Probabilistic  Approach  to  Tailings  Transport  System  Design”, SME, Phoenix.

Stowe, J. and Cooke, R. (2019) “New Approaches and Technology for Tailings Pipeline Design and Operation”, SME, Denver.

Stowe, J., Cooke, R., Farrell, I., Martinson R. (2018) “Design Considerations  for  Distributed  Tailings  Deposition Systems”, Tailings and Mine Waste, Keystone, CO, USA.

Cooke, R., Stowe, J. (2018) “Developments in Tailings Pipeline Transportation”, Tailings 2018, Santiago.