Meet Our Global Team

Ray Martinson

Technical Manager & Director

Professional Civil Engineer, 1983 Catholic University of Chile

Ray joined Paterson & Cooke in 2005 and is now a technical manager and director of our Santiago office in Chile.

Ray has extensive experience (over 35 years) in the design of hydraulic transportation systems, including the design and implementation of conventional and thickened tailings systems, hydraulic and process design of overland systems, spigots distribution systems, and the analysis and hydraulic modelling of several slurry types. His experience also includes lab scale modelling of hydraulic structures, the design, selection, and specification of pumping systems and related control equipment, and the design of raffinate and SX-EW solutions pumping circuits.

He has presented at international conferences and training courses in Chile, South Africa, Canada, and the United States.

Expertise: Tailings & Mine Waste, Surry Pipeline Systems

Notable Papers

Martinson R., Veloso V. and Olavarria L. (2019) “Tailings Spigots Hydraulic Scale Modelling”, Tailings Seminar, Santiago.

Eriz P., Salinas C. and Martinson R. (2018) “Gravity Tailings Distribution System: Analysis and Novel Presentation of Hydraulic Performance”, Tailings Seminar, Santiago.

Martinson L., Salinas C. and Martinson R. (2018) “Hydraulic Scale Modelling Tests for a Tailings Transfer Box”, Tailings Seminar, Santiago.