Meet Our Global Team

Rachel Jansen

Tailings Manager

MPhil Met Engineering, 2007 GC MinRes, 2004 B.Eng Mat, 2003 University of Queensland

Rachel joined Paterson & Cooke in 2012 and is now a senior process engineer and tailings manager for our North American practice, focusing on tailings dewatering and alternative tailings technologies. She is based in our Denver, Colorado office.

Rachel has gained extensive experience in mineral processing within various roles, including metallurgical engineering, consulting, and laboratory management. She has field experience in South Africa, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia.

Rachel led Paterson & Cooke’s feasibility study design, detailed engineering support, and equipment bid evaluations for Agnico Eagle’s LaRonde tailings filter plant in Canada. The LaRonde filter plant was commissioned in 2022 and is now operating at its full capacity of 10,000 t/d.

Rachel’s recent experience includes providing process consultation to BHP’s Global Tailings Task Force for the development of asset-specific tailings strategy roadmaps. She was a technical lead for BHP’s Spence non-conventional tailings studies and is providing technical support to BHP and Rio Tinto’s partnership to accelerate the development of technology that could significantly increase water recovery from mine tailings.

Expertise: Tailings & Mine Waste

Notable Papers

Hamelehle, J., Jansen, R., Laporte, P. (2021) “LaRonde filtered tailings project – novel design approach”, Tailings and Mine Waste 2021, Alberta, November.

Kujawa, C., Winterton, J., Jansen, R., Cooke, R. (2019) “Innovative Process Engineering to Create Better Tailings Facilities”, Tailings 2019, Santiago, July.