Meet Our Global Team

Mike Fehrsen

Senior Engineer

BSc Engineering (Mech), 1994, University of Cape Town; Programme for Management Development, 2003, UCT Graduate School of Business

Mike joined Paterson & Cooke in 1999 and is based in our Cape Town office in South Africa.

He started his career with Gold Fields of South Africa, working on various operations and gaining experience in underground works, shafts, and process plant maintenance. During his time on the mines, Mike gained good multidisciplinary experience with operations and maintenance, troubleshooting of plant and equipment, as well as management of staff.

Mike has managed and worked on projects from conceptual studies through to detailed design, construction and commissioning, as well as audits and investigations in Africa, Europe, Australia and the Americas. His areas of expertise include tailings transport systems, mine backfill systems, mine water management systems (surface and underground), long distance slurry pipelines, and dredging and offshore pumping systems.

Mike has been responsible for developing our detailed engineering, transient flow analysis, stress analysis, and control system specification capabilities. He now provides technical expertise and review for various projects.

Expertise: Slurry Pipeline Systems, Mine Services, Mine Waste Technology, Offshore Engineering

Notable Papers

Fehrsen, M.G., Russouw, N., Heinsbroek, A.G.T.J. and Tukker, M., (2017) "Transient Flow Analysis – Considering the Effect of Fluid Property Variations along the Pipeline." 20th Int. Conf. on Slurry Handling and Pipeline Transport, Hydrotransport 20, Melbourne, Australia.