Meet Our Global Team

Justin Jacobs

Engineering Analysis Manager

MSc Engineering (Mech), 2012 University of Denver; BSc Physics (Math), 2005 Bates College

Justin joined the Paterson & Cooke team in 2012 and is currently the engineering analysis manager at our Denver, Colorado office.

Justin’s primary role is to analyse multi-phase slurry process equipment using the company’s high-powered computational fluid dynamics (CFD) resources. In addition, he carries out physical lab tests as CFD validation, models transient pipeline hydraulics, completes pipe stress analysis, and travels to mine sites to undergo online transient measurements using high speed data acquisition systems.

Justin's other specialisations include water hammer analysis, tailings deposition modelling, and pipeline erosion and wear predictions.

Expertise: Slurry Pipeline Systems

Notable Papers

J Jacobs, M McGuinness, K Creber (2023) “Fluid Transients in Pumped Paste Backfill Systems”. International Conference on HydroTransport.

M McGuinness, K Creber, J Jacobs & B Haley (2021) "Investigation into the High Transients Experienced in Eleonore Mine’s Pastefill Distribution System". International Symposium on Mining with Backfill (Minefill).

J Jacobs, J Aydt, E Ketilson & M Treinen (2019) "An Alternative Tailings Deposition System for Uranium Tailings". Tailings and Mine Waste 2019.

J Jacobs & C Kujawa (2019) "A Novel Approach to Thickener Rake Motor Sizing Using CFD". 7th International Computational Modelling Symposium.