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Angus Paterson


PhD Engineering (Civil), 1991, MSc Engineering (Civil), 1986, BSc Engineering (Civil), 1984, University of Cape Town

Angus founded Paterson & Cooke together with Dr. Robert Cooke in 1991 and is a director of the Cape Town office. He obtained his PhD from the University of Cape Town, where his research work focused on the flow behaviour of high concentration non-Newtonian backfill slurries. This remains a core interest of his today.

Angus has worked on an extensive number of slurry pipeline projects throughout the world, including long-distance slurry pipelines, underground paste and backfill distribution systems, and numerous conventional, thickened, and paste tailings disposal systems. He is a registered professional engineer actively involved in engineering projects as well as providing hydraulic oversight and expertise on a wide range of slurry pipeline applications and participates on independent tailings review boards to audit and review tailings delivery systems.

Angus regularly presents courses on slurry pipeline technology and deep mine backfilling.

Expertise: Slurry Pipeline Systems, Tailings & Mine Waste

Book Contributions

Paterson, A.J.C. (2015), “Chapter 10: High Concentration Hydraulic Transport Systems”, in “Paste and Thickened Tailings – A Guide. Third Edition”, edited by R Jewell, A Fourie, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, ISBN 978-0-9924810-0-1.

Notable Papers

Sanchez-Juny, M.; Triadú, A.; Paterson, A.; Bladé, E. (2021) "Determination of limit deposition velocity and viscosity in waste brines transported in pipelines", Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice. August 2021, 12 (3).

Paterson, A.J.C. “The pipeline transport of high density slurries – A historical review of past mistakes, lessons learned and current technologies”, Paste 2011, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, Australia, April 2011.