Meet Our Global Team

David Benavente

Senior Tailings Engineer

Masters in Industrial Engineering and Systems, 2020; Diploma in Business Management, 2020; Diploma in Business Innovation, 2020; Diploma in Operation Management, 2019, Universidad del Desarrollo; Bachelor of Engineering Science (Civil Metallurgical Engineering), 2014; Bachelor of Applied Engineering (Metallurgical) 2011, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

David joined the Paterson & Cooke team in 2011. Originally based in our Santiago office in Chile, he has since transferred to our USA operation, where he fulfils the role of senior tailings engineer and is based in our Denver, Colorado office.

David’s experience includes process engineering, slurry transport, thickening systems audits, and dewatering system design, including experience in both project manager and process leader roles. His areas of specialisation include solids-liquid separation, plant audits, debottlenecking of plants, commissioning, data analysis and modelling, process flowsheet development, plant design and optimisation, and process control.

David has worked on projects in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, and the United States. He has participated in specialised courses in Chile, South Africa and the United States. He also frequently presents talks at tailings conferences.

Expertise: Tailings & Mine Waste

Notable Papers

“Audit of the world's largest thickening system; Findings and recommendations for improvement”, (2020) Paste 2020, D. Benavente, D. Aguilar, L. Martinson, D. Romo.

“Defining the Thickener Operating Window”, (2017) Tailing 2017, D. Benavente, D. Romo, A. Condon, C. Kujawa.

“High rate thickener design optimization for an existing plant”, (2017) Tailings 2017, D. Benavente, D. Romo and C. Kujawa.