Meet Our Global Team

Bruno Salvoldi

Senior Engineer

MSc Engineering (Civil), 2011; BSc Engineering (Civil), 2008 University of Cape Town

Bruno joined Paterson & Cooke in 2011 and is a senior engineer at our Cape Town office in South Africa. He leads the mine backfill department that covers our African operations. Bruno has completed projects from conceptual level through to detailed engineering, implementation, and commissioning.

Bruno’s postgraduate studies focussed on cement chemistry, and he now specialises in its application to backfill. He is part of the Paterson & Cooke Backfill Group and is involved globally with problematic backfill applications related to geochemistry and cement chemistry.

Expertise: Mine Backfill

Notable Papers

B.G. Salvoldi, M.G. Alexander, H. Beushausen, “Modelling the Carbonation of Concrete using Performance based Tests: Proposition of a Conceptual Framework”, (2011), 13th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement, Madrid, Spain.

B.G. Salvoldi, H. Beushausen, M.G. Alexander, (2015) “Oxygen Permeability of Concrete and its Relation to Carbonation”, Construction and Building Materials 85.

B.G.Salvoldi, B. van der Spuy, S.Wilson, (2019) “Optimisation of cemented aggregate backfill at New Luika Gold Mine”, Paste 2019, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Cape Town, South Africa.