Meet Our Global Team

Christian Kujawa

Subject Matter Expert: Tailings Group

BCom, 1999 University of South Africa; BSc Engineering (Chemical), 1984 University of Cape Town

Christian joined the team in 2010 and is based in our Colorado, USA operation. He has an extensive background in process metallurgy and engineering, including extensive experience in both operations and technical support and consultancy. His current role is to support the Paterson & Cooke Tailings Group.

Christian’s areas of specialisation include solids-liquid separation, flotation, plant audits, debottlenecking of plants, data analysis and modelling, simulation and optimisation, process flowsheet development, plant design and optimisation, control and instrumentation, and equipment development. With respect to tailings, his specific interest is centred around the role of water chemistry and particle surface chemistry and their interaction.

Throughout his career, Christian has been intimately involved in guiding process aspects of major projects around the world through the full cycle of flowsheet development, design, implementation, and commissioning.

Expertise: Mineral Processing

Notable Papers

Florman W.R., Kujawa C.,Freeman G.,Sego D., Ilkiw O., Peluso E., (2022) “Novel Dewatering Technology to Treat Fluid Fine Tailings”, IOSTC, Banff.

Florman W.R., Kujawa C., Sego D., (2021) “Novel Dewatering Technology by Extrakt Process Solutions”, Tailing & Mine WasteConference, Banff.

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Benavente B., Romo D., Kujawa C., (2017) “High Rate Thickener Design Optimization for an Existing Plant”, Tailings 2017, 4th International Seminar on Tailings Management, Santiago.

Kujawa C., (2011) “Cycloning of Tailing for the Production of Sand as TSF Construction Material”, Tailings and Mine Waste 2011, Vancouver, Canada, November 2011.