Meet Our Global Team

Carlos Salinas


BSc (Civil Engineering), 1999 Universidad de Chile

Carlos joined the team in 2006 and is now the managing director of Paterson & Cooke Chile, based in Santiago. He is a civil engineer with extensive experience in both mining and infrastructure projects. His areas of specialisation include slurry transportation design, project management, and cost estimating.

Carlos has experience leading various engineering projects in Chile and Peru, including water conveyance systems and solutions, as well as the design of tailings management systems (including conventional, thickened, and paste) and sands. During the past few years, he has been involved in non-conventional solutions for tailings management, including high performance thickening (highly thickened and paste), filtering, and backfill.

He is a member of the Chilean Engineering Association and has participated in international conferences and training courses in Chile, South Africa, and the United States. Carlos has also been part of the technical committees of pipelines and tailings conferences in Chile.

Expertise: Slurry Pipeline Systems, Tailings & Mine Waste