Environmental Policy

By adopting and displaying this environmental policy, the shareholders, management, and all employees of Paterson & Cooke commit to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

We will do this by performing our work and associated activities in a way that minimises adverse effects on our environment and demonstrates an attitude of responsibility and care for the environment and people around us.

We have identified four broad areas of action:

Compliance with the Law:
  • We will ensure that Paterson & Cooke complies with local regulatory controls, industry standards and codes of practice
  • We will avoid any illegal discharge of waste or harmful substances into the environment from our premises
Reduce the Use of Resources:
  • We will minimise the use of energy by making use of efficient lighting, air conditioning and electrical equipment
  • We will minimise air travel to meetings by making use of video calls, where practical
Recycling & Disposal of Waste:
  • We will recycle waste that cannot be re-used, such as paper, glass and metal
  • We will dispose of non-recyclable office waste and laboratory samples in a safe and responsible way. This includes commonly disposed objects that are toxic such as batteries and fluorescent tubes
Environmentally Responsible Design:
  • We will ensure that our designers take environmental considerations, such as energy efficiency and spillage reduction, into account during the design process

To facilitate the actions required by this policy, Paterson & Cooke will:

  • Provide the necessary facilities for collecting, recycling and disposing of waste responsibly
  • Maintain an appropriate environmental management system with the necessary audits to ensure continuous improvement

In turn, each Employee is required to contribute by acting in accordance with the requirements and the spirit of this policy.