Quality Policy

Paterson & Cooke is committed to continuously exceeding our client’s requirements and expectations for work quality.
Our commitment to quality is one of our founding principles and is supported by our project management, peer review and quality control system which is applied to all our work.

To achieve our quality goals, we undertake to:

  • Understand and establish our client’s aims, objectives and expectations at the commencement of the project
  • Maintain and encourage clear communication, both internally and with our clients, at all levels of the company
  • Provide innovative and best-practice engineering solutions that are commensurate with our client’s needs, and deliver genuine value to their operations
  • Deliver our services in an efficient and timeous manner and keep the client informed and abreast of changes in scope and impact on cost before such costs are incurred
  • Ensure that project calculations, drawings and documents are prepared to professional standards and are thoroughly peer reviewed
  • Maintain consistently high standards of work and ensure that sub-standard work is not allowed to bypass the review process
  • Ensure that quality records and project documentation are complete and accessible
  • Ensure that our staff maximise their potential by working in an ethical organisation that values ingenuity, engineering excellence, client satisfaction and quality above all else
  • Actively seek employee and client feedback on the quality of our work and deliverables so that we can continually improve quality performance

To facilitate the actions required by this policy, Paterson & Cooke will:

  • Maintain an appropriate quality management system with the necessary audits to ensure continuous improvement

In turn, each Employee is required to contribute by acting in accordance with the requirements and the spirit of this policy.