Specialised Products

Paterson & Cooke’s skills and experience enable us to develop new technology for mining and mineral process applications, as well as design and supply specialised Pilot Plant facilities.

Our specialised products include dewatering bins to separate coarse and fine slurry streams, novel fluidisers, flow splitters, and a range of purpose built backfill strength testing machines.

Notable Projects

Dewatering Bin and Fluidiser Installation, South Africa

Four dewatering bins and fluidisers are fitted to the offshore diamond mining vessel, MV Mafuta. The bins receive feed from the sub-sea riser pipe that discharges through a Compact Splitter™ before splitting the flow to each bin. From the bin underflow, the fluidisers feed the material to the downstream process.

Ash Paste Slurry Plant, South Africa

Paterson & Cooke were responsible for the turnkey design and supply of a complete batch operated fly-ash paste plant. The major equipment includes ash loading stations, 20 m3 storage silos, paste mixers, control room and fully instrumented paste pump and pipeline system.

Design, Supply and Commissioning of Containerised Pilot Plant, South Africa and Chile

An extensive test campaign conducted at our Cape Town Slurry Test Facility in conjunction with the Client provided the basis for the development of a novel mineral processing flow sheet that was developed to pilot plant scale. The pilot plant was designed and built in South Africa and comprised several stand-alone containers that were re-assembled on site in Chile and commissioned.