Meet Our Global Team

Jason Hamelehle

Process Engineer

BSc Engineering (Chem), 2010 University of California

Jason joined our team in 2013 and is a senior process engineer in our Denver office, USA.

Jason has 13 years of tailings dewatering and processing experience. His areas of interest include filtered, paste, and thickened tailings dewatering system design, filtration testing and analysis, process design and optimisation, and filtration plant design. Jason has worked on projects in North America, South America, and Australia.

His current responsibilities include process design and filtration technology.

Expertise: Tailings & Mine Waste

Published Papers

Hamelehle, J., Jansen, R., Laporte, P. (2021) “LaRonde filtered tailings project – novel design approach”, Tailings and Mine Waste 2021, Alberta, November.

J Hamelehle, C Schmitt, J Keat, “Design and Commissioning of Coal Fly Ash Filter Plant”, Paste 2023.