By Fritz van Sittert | Director at Paterson & Cooke

Paterson & Cooke Plants & Products has developed a Mobile Metallurgical Sampler (MMS) to determine the potential loss of valuable material or to determine process/screening efficiency. The MMS is designed to eliminate the difficulty of getting a representative sample of large flow, low density streams. The unit operates with compressed air and slurry flow is monitored using a battery operated magnetic flow meter.

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Fritz van Sittert
Pr Tech, BTech Eng (Civil), MTech

Fritz completed his BTech (cum laude) degree in 1995 and received his MTech (cum laude) in 1999 for novel research done on the turbulent flow of non-Newtonian slurries in rough pipes. He is responsible for administering the Paterson & Cooke slurry test laboratory and the continued development of slurry testing equipment.