Paterson & Cooke is committed to sharing our specialist knowledge and skills by hosting courses that aim to equip participants with a broad understanding of the practical and theoretical issues of our key areas of expertise. We regularly present courses on slurry pipelines, thickening, mine tailings and backfill.

Mine Backfill – Design & Operation Course

The next course will be held from
13 - 16 June 2023 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

More about the course

Historically, mine backfill wasn’t given much thought in the mining cycle, and its related costs were accepted for being what they were. With today’s focus on reducing costs at every step of the extraction process, a sub-optimal backfill system is no longer acceptable, particularly when it comes to capital, reliability and operating costs that include higher than anticipated cement consumption and maintenance costs.

These operating costs are often a consequence of poor design due to not fully understanding the backfill needs, coupled with the installation of low capital cost equipment without considering long term operational requirements.

The successful implementation and operation of any backfill system can be traced back to a few key factors:

  • A robust design done by an independent engineering team who understand the material properties and the mining environment, and
  • An accountable team who are integral to the design process and who continue with support and maintenance long after start up.

This course is typically offered over three days and often includes a site visit on the fourth day, depending on where the course is held. On completion of the course, delegates will have an appreciation of the requirements for the design and operation of a safe and reliable backfill system. The course objectives are to:

  • Introduce the fundamental concepts of geo-mechanics and material properties which underpin decision making when developing a backfill design;
  • Examine the various elements that go into engineering a backfill system, including plant and process design, reticulation design and barricades;
  • Relate to operational aspects of a backfill system including quality testing and monitoring, operational management plans, risk control and implementation

The course provides delegates with a unique opportunity to study the theory, testing, practical design and operational aspects required to implement a new backfill system, or improve an existing operation.

Should your company have specific requirements for a backfill course or training, please contact us to discuss your needs.

The next course will be held from 13 -16 June 2023 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada