Health & Safety Policy

Paterson & Cooke is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for its employees and to preventing occupational illness and injury. To achieve this goal, we commit to the following key principles:
  • P&C will strive to make health and safety awareness an integral and relevant aspect of our work in the office, laboratory, in the field, and in our personal lives
  • P&C will provide a safe working environment for our Employees; this is done by properly understanding the different conditions in which we work so that any hazards can be identified and risks properly managed or avoided altogether
  • P&C will ensure that our Employees work in environments which are free from harassment, violence, intimidation, and discrimination
  • P&C will ensure that our Employees receive appropriate health and safety training for the conditions in which they work
  • P&C will ensure that we continually seek ways to track, monitor and improve our health and safety performance
  • Employees must take responsibility for performing work in accordance with safe work policies and procedures
  • Employees are expected to demonstrate safety leadership by being continually vigilant in identifying unsafe (or potentially unsafe) working conditions so that appropriate action can be taken to mitigate any risks
  • P&C Management will fully support decisions made by Employees with regard to health and safety; this includes the right to refuse to work in conditions which the Employee considers to be unsafe
  • P&C will take care to ensure our designs are safe to construct and operate, and that our designs comply with applicable safety related codes and regulations

To facilitate the principles embodied by this policy, Paterson & Cooke will:

  • Maintain continual awareness of Health and Safety through visible reporting of incidents and frequent engagement with employees
  • Maintain a safe working environment with attention to office ergonomics and the necessary safety audits to ensure continuous improvement

In turn, each Employee is required to contribute by acting in accordance with the requirements and the spirit of this policy.