UK & Europe

Our UK office, based in Cornwall, has been providing engineering services throughout Western and Eastern Europe since 2013

In 2021 we established an office in Madrid, Spain, and in 2022, in Stockholm, Sweden, to provide local services in these areas.

The UK office, which began with a primary focus on mine backfilling and tailings systems, has expanded to include mine dewatering designs as well as service offerings to other sectors, such as the nuclear and quarrying industries. We offer services from the conceptual phase through to detailed engineering, commissioning, and follow-up operational and troubleshooting support.

Our on-site laboratory offers a wide range of testing capabilities that support project engineering from concept to closure. This ranges from initial material characterisation, dewatering test work such as sedimentation, thickening and filtration, as well as backfill test work, including UCS and triaxial strength testing. We also offer slurry characterisation test work through rheology studies using rotation viscometry and flow loop test work. Test work complementary to the engineering work can also be conducted which includes permeability, settling, monolithic leachate as well as coordinating geotechnical testing.

We are also experienced in commissioning and overseeing on-site construction work and offer other site services such as process audits and overseeing plant upgrades and retrofits.


Stephen Wilson, Managing Director


Damian Granlund, Managing Director


Santiago Castro, Managing Director


Mark Bennett, Managing Director

Leadership Team

Kerry Gartenfeld, European Business Manager
Andy Beveridge, Engineering Manager
Paul Ainsworth, Laboratory Manager