Project Information

Client: Tekfen and OCP
Location: Between Khouribga and Jorf Lasfar, Morocco
Project Classification: Process & Detailed design, construction assistance, commissioning assistance


Paterson & Cooke recently completed the commissioning of a primary and several secondary phosphate slurry pipelines for a project in Morocco totalling 235 kilometres in length which is centrally controlled by an integrated SCADA system. The end user client is OCP and Tekfen was the EPC contractor. It allows OCP to transport batches of phosphate from its mines in Khouribga to its facilities in Jorf Lasfar in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The main pipeline is 187 km long, has a diameter of 900mm and delivers 4400 t/h of phosphate rock, a significant portion of global requirements.


Paterson & Cooke was responsible for process design, steady-state and transient hydraulic design, detailed mechanical and piping design, electrical and control system engineering, construction support, training and commissioning management. The client recently complimented Paterson & Cooke on the pivotal role it played in the success of the project, not only through technical achievements but also in the way it made the technology accessible to the client through a sustained period of training and support.

Key Project Data

Medium: Phosphate Slurry
Capacity: 38 Mt/y
Length: Main and feeder pipelines totalling 235 km