Project Engineer (Madrid, Spain)

December 14, 2021Careers

Job Description Paterson & Cooke Iberia is seeking a Project Engineer to join their team in a full-time position at the newly established office in Madrid, Spain. The successful candidate will be a Project Engineer with a minimum of three years of experience working in an engineering consultancy, industrial plant and/or mine site environment. The … Read More

Junior Draughtsperson (Cape Town, South Africa)

June 28, 2021Careers

Job Description The Junior Draughtsperson produces drawings for slurry transport system projects in the mining and resources industry, and for specialised equipment, under the direct supervision of a senior draughtsperson. The Junior Draughtsperson reports to the Drawing Office Manager and assists in ensuring that drawing deliverables are done accurately, correctly and on time according to … Read More

Project Engineer/Project Manager (Golden, Colorado)

May 21, 2021Careers

Job Description Paterson & Cooke is looking for either an early career Project Engineer (3 to 5 years’ experience) or Project Manager (5 to 10 years’ experience) to support project and study execution in our Golden, Colorado office. As a Project Engineer you will assist on various projects and studies related to mineral processing, tailings … Read More

Tailings In-line Flocculation

May 12, 2021Tech Topics

In-line flocculation is becoming increasingly more common in tailings dewatering. In fine tailings storage facilities, problematic clay mineral particles may not settle effectively and additional processes are required to promote dewatering. One process is to use polymer flocculation. A polymer solution is generally used to collect particles into larger groupings so they can be more … Read More

Holistic Approach to Improve the Performance of Tailings Disposal Systems with Variable Clay Mineralogy

April 8, 2021Tech Topics

This article presents the importance of a holistic approach to improve the performance of mine waste disposal systems treating ores with a variable mineralogy. Mine tailings that contain clay minerals such as iIlite, kaolinite and/or smectites are particularly difficult to dewater using thickeners. Small variations in mineralogy result in significant variability in thickener underflow densities … Read More

Intermediate/Senior Draftsperson (Golden, Colorado)

April 8, 2021Careers

Job Description An opportunity has arisen for an Intermediate or Senior Draftsperson to join our team in a full-time position at our office in Golden, Colorado, USA. The successful applicant will join the office to produce mechanical and process drawings in the field of slurry transport systems and specialized equipment for the mining and resources … Read More

Junior/Intermediate Draftsperson (Perth, Australia)

March 29, 2021Careers

Job Description The Junior/Intermediate Draftsperson, under the direct supervision of a Senior Draftsperson or engineer, produces drawings and 3D models for specialised equipment and for mechanical piping systems projects in the mining and resources industry. They will ensure that drawing deliverables are done to the best of their ability within the project time frame and … Read More

Paste Fill Plant Capacity: How Big is Big Enough?

February 17, 2021News, Tech Topics

Are you planning to install a new paste fill system at your mine? Or maybe your ore reserves have increased and mining production is scheduled to be ramped up going forward. It is vital that any mine considering implementing a new paste plant or increasing mining production rates should be comfortable that the capacity of … Read More

Is There a Place for the Slump Test in the Modern Pastefill Plant?

January 12, 2021Tech Topics

The ASTM slump test has been the backbone of the pastefill plant quality control program since it was adopted from the concrete industry in the early days of pastefill system development. It is a simple test that provides a quick evaluation of the consistency of the paste. This consistency is related to the ability of … Read More