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Paterson & Cooke regularly presents training courses. As a company we are committed to sharing our specialist knowledge and skills by hosting courses that aim to equip participants with a broad understanding of the practical and theoretical issues related to the topic. We regularly present courses on slurry pipelines, thickening, mine tailings and backfill.


Filtered, Paste & Thickened Tailings (05 – 08 June 2018 : Colorado, USA)

This four day course, presented in conjunction with Prof. Andy Fourie of the University of Western Australia, provides delegates with a thorough background to the field so that they are better equipped to successfully implement filtered, paste and thickened tailings systems.


Mine Backfill – Design & Operation Course (Sudbury, Canada)

Historically, mine backfill wasn’t given much thought in the mining cycle, and its related costs were accepted for being what they were. With today’s focus on reducing costs at every step of the extraction process, a sub-optimal backfill system is no longer acceptable, particularly when it comes to capital, reliability and operating costs that include higher than anticipated cement consumption and maintenance costs. These operating costs are often a consequence of poor design due to not fully understanding the backfill needs, coupled with the installation of low capital cost equipment without considering long term operational requirements.
The successful implementation and operation of any backfill system can be traced back to a few key factors:


Slurry Pipeline Principles & Applications (Cape Town, South Africa)

Paterson & Cooke offers a slurry pipeline design course in Cape Town. The course provides delegates with a working knowledge of slurry pipe flow theory, and a practical overview of the requirements for the design of slurry pipeline systems. Structured examples are used that apply the theory in a practical manner.

The course has been run since 1996 and more than 500 engineers from South Africa and around the world have attended.


 Thickener Fundamentals & Operation Course

This course offers an introduction to the fundamental concepts related to dewatering and transportation of thickened tailings. It demonstrates the application of these concepts to the design and implementation of appropriate cost effective tailings systems. The dates for the next course will be announced.

Keywords: courses, mine backfill, filtered, paste, thickened tailings, slurry pipeline principles.