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Slurry Pipeline Principles & Applications

Cape Town, South Africa

Paterson & Cooke has been presenting a course on slurry pipeline systems annually since 1995. Over the years the content has evolved and feedback from previous delegates has indicated a need to shift the emphasis from the theoretical aspects of slurry pipeline design to include additional practical content which focuses on a wide range of slurry pipeline applications.

Slurry pipelines are widely used in the mining industry, and increasingly offer viable alternatives for transport of mineral concentrates and ores, replacing conventional bulk materials transport options such as road and rail. New developments in solid-liquid dewatering result in highly concentrated viscous slurries that behave differently from conventional slurries. It is important for those involved in slurry systems to understand these differences. The new format of this course provides delegates with a comprehensive introduction to the different types of slurries and slurry pipeline systems and components.

The aim of the course is to provide attendees with a thorough overview of the various applications of slurry pipelines in the mining industry and to provide a basic understanding of the requirements
for a successful slurry pipeline system.

Dates for the next course will be announced shortly. Please view the 2018 PDF Brochure