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Field Services

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Many processes are not fully optimised. Variability of the ore characteristics, increases in throughput or general wear and tear over time, for example, are often overlooked. Material properties may no longer be the same as the first bulk sample collected during pre-feasibility. Process performance affects recoveries and water conservation impacts operating costs. For these reasons, Paterson & Cooke has a dedicated group focusing on providing follow-up field services to our clients.

This team provides the opportunity to apply our engineering and field experience in a way that optimises and upgrades the infrastructure already in place. We provide a range of field services including on-site pilot scale test work, design reviews, equipment and process audits, performance optimisation, upgrades & retrofits, performance validation, benchmarking, start-up, commissioning and operator training. The strength of our team comes from years of field experience and access to Paterson & Cooke’s global resources which enable us to tackle unique process challenges.


De Beers Snap Lake Mine, Canada

Audits, field trials, troubleshooting and made recommendations to improve the paste backfill system.

Minera Escondida, Chile

On site slurry behaviour and paste thickening test work in support of a cost study comparing High Rate and Paste thickening options.



Syncrude, Canada

Cold eye review of the hydrotransport and tailings pumping systems at North and Aurora Mines to optimize system reliability.

Minera Esperanza, Chile

On site review of three problematic 60 m diameter high density thickeners treating a combined 95 000 t/d of copper tailings.

Langer Heinrich Uranium, Namibia

On site pilot plant trials using existing mining equipment to characterise tailings flow properties.



Line Creek Operations, Canada

Thickener and feed distributor audit providing design and upgrade recommendations.

Raglan Mine, Canada

Equipment and process audit with recommendations for increasing throughput and improving performance.

Smokey Canyon Mine, USA

Thickener and feed system audit, providing upgrade recommendations for improving performance..

Piedras Verdes, Mexico

Perform equipment and process audits, providing recommendations for tailings and concentrate thickeners, flocculant make-up system, and tailings transportation systems.



FMI Sierrita, USA

On site tailings feed system review, making recommendations to optimize the design and improving performance.

Kumtor Gold Operations, Kyrgyz Republic

Phase I- Comprehensive site audit providing test work and a technical evaluation with recommendations for new flotation & thickener equipment, upgrades to existing thickeners, and upgrades to tailings transportation systems. Phase II-Provided an upgrade package for one thickener to improve performance and accommodate an increase in throughput.

Rofomex, Mexico

Equipment and process audit with recommendations for optimizing performance and upgrading equipment.

Georgia Power Pilot Paste Plant, USA

Design, supply and commissioning of a pilot scale paste plant for fly ash disposal.

Anglo American Platinum, South Africa

Audit, design and commission of magnetic separation (MC plant) and base metals refinery (RBMR) process pumping systems.

Sasol Paste Plant, South Africa

EPCM contract for fully instrumented paste plant at Sasol Synfuels, Secunda.

Anglo RBMR, South Africa

EPCM contract for supply of a paste pipe loop test facility.

Keywords: field services, on-site pilot scale test work, design reviews, equipment and process audits, performance optimisation, upgrades & retrofits, performance validation, benchmarking, training.