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Long distance pipelines

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Pipeline system design and engineering is a major component of our work. We have designed numerous pipeline systems around the world, including water supply pipelines, process water pipelines, in-plant slurry pipelines, tailings pipelines and long distance overland pipelines.

Notable Projects

OCP Khouribga to Jorf Lasfar Phosphate Pipeline Project

Project Information Background Paterson & Cooke recently completed the commissioning of a primary and several secondary phosphate slurry pipelines for a project in Morocco totalling 235 kilometres in length which is centrally controlled by an integrated SCADA system. The end user client is OCP and Tekfen was the EPC contractor. It allows OCP to transport […]


Jorf Lasfar Phosphate Pipeline, Morocco

Project Overview Detailed design, engineering and commissioning support of the 187 km long phosphate ore pipeline from Khouribga Mine to Jorf Lasfar and the feeder pipeline systems from the process plants to the pump head station. The system will transport 38 MTA of phosphate ore and is the highest capacity slurry pipeline in the world, […]