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Corporate Social Investment

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Positive Impact

Paterson & Cooke is committed to making a positive impact on the communities and environment in which we work. We identify and support activities, projects or organisations that fall into three specific categories, namely:

  • Skills development (including literacy, education and training)
  • Conservation and the environment (including the reduction, re-use and recycling of waste)
  • Health and welfare (including community upliftment and poverty relief)

Paterson & Cooke’s offices in South Africa support the following  projects:

  • Happiness Kunene, the hearing daughter of deaf parents, has had her entire education to date sponsored by Paterson & Cooke. She has performed very well academically and we have also enabled her to take part in swimming, ballet and tennis out of school. She is now in Grade 8 at Springfield Convent School in Cape Town.
  • For six years Paterson & Cooke has sponsored teaching assistants to the Grade 1 teachers at Rosmead Primary School in Cape Town. The Grade 1 students often arrive with little or no knowledge of English and our sponsorship enables selected parents to be paid to assist the teachers at this crucial learning stage.
  • In 2014 Paterson & Cooke, together with The Clothing Bank, assisted with the opening of a pre-primary school in Langa, Cape Town. The Clothing Bank’s mission is to empower unemployed mothers through enterprise development so that they can become financially and socially independent.
  • Soil for Life is an organisation in Cape Town that provides hands-on training to food-insecure people. They learn how to build up the soil, grow plants, feed people and heal the planet. At first Paterson & Cooke assisted in providing funds for the establishment and construction of their training centre. In the last 2 years we have also sponsored five gardeners per year to be trained there so that they are able to create gardens that can feed their families and eventually generate an income.

Paterson & Cooke’s offices in North America donate to various institutions, including:

  • The American Red Cross – an organization that prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors
  • The Adoption Exchange – recruits families for abused and neglected children and supports adoptive families
  • The Denver Rescue Mission – meets people at their physical and spiritual points of need, with the goal of returning them to society as productive, self-sufficient citizens.
  • Energy Outreach – the only independent non-profit in the state raising money to help provide home energy assistance to low-income Coloradans
  • Food Bank of the Rockies – provides food for more than 350,000 people annually
  • Peruvian Hearts – empowers adolescent girls through education and mentorship to enable them to follow their dreams and become strong women who will be leaders in their families, communities, and country
  • Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry USA – addresses the plight of children orphaned because of AIDS
  • Susan G Koman for the Cure – a global leader of the breast cancer movement, investing hundreds of millions of dollars each year for research, education, screening and treatment.