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Paterson & Cooke’s Denver office provides engineering and laboratory services for process facilities, tailings management systems and long distance pipelines. The laboratory facilities include solid-liquid separation (filtration and thickening), hydro-cycloning and rheology characterization (using rotational and tube viscometers). The specialist engineering services comprise computational fluid dynamics, transient analysis and pipeline stress analysis.


  • Hydraulic design of pump and pipeline systems
  • Tailings impoundment design
  • Preparation of construction plans and technical specifications
  • Analysis, modelling and design of a wide range of slurry types
  • Hydraulic and process design of overland and underground mine pressure and gravity pipeline systems
  • Paste and thickened tailings systems
  • Training Courses
  • Technical Reviews


Matt Bachman

PE, BSc Eng (Civil)


Matt Bachman leads Paterson & Cooke’s Denver practice. He has over 14 years of experience in heavy civil design and construction projects for mining, civil, and geotechnical projects. His engineering experience includes slurry pumping and pipeline systems, pit dewatering pumping systems, SX-EW leach circuit pumping systems, solid/liquid separation, pumping system audits, open channel flow modelling, rainfall and flow frequency analyses, water balance models, dam breach analysis, pollutant mass balance models, seepage and slope stability modelling. His design and construction project experience includes work on pump stations and pressure flow pipelines, tailings impoundments, heap leach pads, dam spillways, diversion channels, geomembrane liner design, flood control reservoirs, road design, and stormwater management structures.

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Robert Cooke



Dr Robert Cooke is a principal of Paterson & Cooke’s Denver practice. Robert founded Paterson & Cooke with Dr Angus Paterson in 1991. He has been involved in slurry transportation since 1985 and has experience with slurry system projects around the world, including backfill, long distance pipelines, hydraulic hoisting, marine mining applications and paste, thickened and conventional tailings operations.

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Alistair Baty

P.Eng., Pr.Eng, BSc Eng (Mech), MSAIMechE, MASME


Alistair Baty is the engineering manager of Paterson & Cooke’s Denver practice. He previously worked as a Senior Mechanical Engineer within one of the world’s major diversified mining groups bearing the responsibility of providing specialized high level engineering consulting in the field of fluids handling (primarily piping and pumping systems) on a global scale.

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Christian Kujawa



Christian Kujawa is responsible for mineral processing within Paterson & Cooke’s North American practice based in Denver, Colorado. Christian has more than 25 years of experience in extraction of metals, of which eight years had been in operations and eighteen years of technical sales/support and consultancy. As such Christian has had hands-on involvement and management of most unit operations. In mineral processing the experience ranges from crushing, milling, gold metallurgy, flotation to tailings management, including backfill preparation, thickening and tailings deposition.

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Mike Turney

BSc Eng (Mech) MSME


Mike Turney, based in Denver, is the Global Manager of Paterson & Cooke’s Long Distance Pipeline Group. Mike has more than 30 years of experience in the process and pipeline industry, demonstrable experiences in project management, pipeline engineering and design within the oil/gas and mining industries. Working both in an owner’s capacity and for engineering consulting firms, Mike has amassed extensive knowledge of process facility and pipeline project execution. By utilization of his strengths in planning, organization and business, Mike has amassed a multitude of successful international professional experiences.

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